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Because of the complexities of California probate law and the various probate rules unique to Orange County, the sooner you contact a qualified Orange County probate attorney, the better your chances of reaching a timely and successful outcome.

I Provide the Guidance You Need to Pursue the Results You Want

Perhaps you are uncertain of your rights and responsibilities. You may not know how to begin the process. I am William Sweeney, an accomplished legal professional with more than 40 years of legal experience. No matter your probate challenge, I can explain your options and help you through from start to finish.

California probate law is a complex field and, practically speaking, requires an attorney's guidance. I provide you with comprehensive counsel, along with friendly and personal service. I go through a very thorough intake process with each client, which enables me to develop the right approach to any given situation and to provide services in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Standing by My Clients Throughout the Orange County Probate Process

As your Orange County probate lawyer, I provide all necessary legal services from beginning to end. Few people have ever probated a will or understand the responsibilities that come with being named an executor or administrator. That is why it is important to work with a lawyer who understands the ins and outs of Orange County probate.

When you work with me, I listen as you share your concerns and questions, offer advice suited to your needs, and act as your guide as you address the following issues:

  • Understanding the responsibilities of the executor or administrator
  • Resolving debt issues
  • Locating a missing will
  • Understanding the probate process when there is no will
  • Understanding how long the probate process may take
  • Out-of-state issues during probate
  • Ancillary probate
  • The responsibilities of an out-of-state executor or administrator
  • Probating a foreign will
  • Heggstad Petition

Regardless of whether you are the executor or administrator, or a beneficiary concerned with how the decedent's estate is being managed, I will work with you directly from start to finish ensuring your interests have a voice.

  • Help you understand each step involved in your case
  • Prepare all necessary documents and pleadings, and see that they are filed
  • Attend all required hearings
  • Prepare the settlement and distribution of assets

I help families in Orange County and across California alleviate the stress of going through probate by passing along the knowledge and insight I've accumulated throughout my legal career. Whether attempting to manage creditor claims against the decedent's property or assisting the personal representative in understanding and undertaking his or her responsibilities, I will be there to answer questions and provide advice.

Flexible Probate Representation for Orange County Families and Families Throughout California and the U.S.

When working with a probate attorney, you want someone who will be there for you, ready to answer questions and provide straight forward advice. From my office in Orange County I represent families primarily in Orange County. I also assist clients spread across the State of California and interested parties outside California.

Contact Me to Schedule a Free Initial Consultation

I view initial consultations as:

  • A chance for you to get a sense of who I am and whether you would be comfortable working with me
  • An opportunity to provide you with the answers and information
  • A time to provide an honest assessment of your situation and my ability to help

Unlike most Orange County probate attorneys, I'm available for Skype or FaceTime consultations. I can also come to your home if you live in Orange County, or other communities in Southern California. This gives you the freedom to have a free initial consultation no matter where you are.

Call me locally at (949) 243-0406. If you wish to send an email, complete an online contact form.

Client Reviews
Earlier this year, we were searching for an attorney to process a Heggstad Petition. We did a search on Google and read an article that was written by William Sweeney. The article was very clearly written and expressed almost the exact situation we found ourselves in, so I emailed William to interview him. He spent a good amount of time (for free) listening to the background of our situation...I highly recommend William for probate/Heggstad issues in California. Emma
I was searching for lawyer to assist me and my mother with my father's estate following his death. Some lawyers weren't willing to take a Heggstad Petition case but Mr Sweeney not only took the case but recommended it. In the end we were successful thanks to the efforts of Mr Sweeney and his paralegal Jennifer Fejzic. I would definitely recommend their services. Anonymous
Bill Sweeney and his incomparable paralegal Jennifer Fejzic represented and advised me through the probate of a parent's estate. Having practiced law myself for over 30 years, I expected expertise, precision, and wisdom -- all of which Bill and Jennifer richly delivered, promptly and at a reasonable, indeed more than fair, fee. I recommend Bill and Jennifer with gratitude and confidence. Greg
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